I did it!

I can’t fully realize at the moment, that I actually am online with my very own website right now! I’m super excited for the first reactions from you! Don’t hesitate to tell me! I build this side with the beautiful WordPress template Primrose and added my personal note.  I especially like the font I use for text as this one, it’s called Josefine Sans, for your research. It’s the “most exciting” font I have actually seen on any website yet, maybe it’s a bit too “loud”? What do you think? I am totally in love so I can’t really tell objectively.

If you’re about to build your own website: It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. Most templates are well documentated and easy to understand. But I have to admit, that at some point, it was a relief to have help nearby – my boyfriend is a programmer and owner of a web agency, so I’m well! I would recommend everyone on a budget to try as much as they can on their own. Some agencies agree on assisting at the building process. If you have further questions, just contact me! For now, I can only say: fingers crossed!