Frequently Asked Questions

I'll try to answer some of your most urgent questions about my product.

Paper reacts with sunlight and becomes yellow. How about your cranes?

My cranes are made from special Polyart paper. It's resistant against sunlight and does not become yellow.

I'm concerned about cleaning the lamp.

There's no need for cleaning the lamp very often. Due to the sleek surface of the materials and the subtle movement of the cranes they barley gather any dust. If you still need to clean it, use a damp cloth or a simple duster.

The lamp looks so fragile. Does it break easily?

All of my materials are of high quality and very durable. We guarantee longevity and fast service in case of problems. The cranes can endure much more than it seems.

Is there an option to customize the size of the lamp?

I'm sure, we can find a fit for your needs. Do you want a bigger one as a center piece? A smaller one because of space issues? Don't hesitate to email me! 

If there are still some questions, here's more information about general issues.

Can I pay with using my credit or debit card?

We accept credit cards or debit cards like VISA, American Express and Mastercard as well as Paypal.

I'd like to send my order as a gift, can you do gift wrapping?

All of my products are packed by hand. I picked my boxes very carefully, so they are fitted for a delicate product like this. So no additional wrapping can be offered. However, there's an option to leave a note during the checkout process. I can print a gift card with your custom text and attach it to your order, as a surprise for the recipient. Just let me now what has to be written on the card. 

Do you ship internationally?

Due to a small budget, I can only ship my products to Europe at the moment. I hope to acquire the US a a shipping destination as soon as possible.