About Me

Hi, I am Barbara

I'm a 21 year old design student from Southern Germany. Welcome to my website! Kranichlampe is a product I developed throughout the last five years. I'm so proud to see my dream come true. If you have any questions, ideas or special wishes, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun looking around!

Best regards, Barbara

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My Story

The beginning (2012)

Have you ever had an idea that came to your mind, that was amazing and stupid at the same time? Well, I had. And here I am. When I was 15 years old, I simply glued 176 colorful origami cranes around the light bulb in my room at my parents house. Years later, my boyfriend encouraged me to make it work as a business. And so the journey started.

2017 - present

After a long time of preparing and developing, I'm ready to show my baby. 

Note that currently you have the chance to get one little crane and a logo patch for free. Just email me to let me now your home address and post will be on it's way. None of the information will be forwarded to anyone else or used for anything else than sending you your package once. I would love to hear from you!

First impression: Looks cool and mysterious, really flattering lighting and wanna see more!
Cool page Kranichlampe!
All the best!!!